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Tell your story the way you imagine it.


I've been related to music since I was a child, so I'm very passionate about it.

My main area of expertise is music, but I have worked with foley and voice-over as well. I take music projects very seriously, putting all my effort in delivering a professional work, no matter the nature of it.

I’ve also collaborated with other musicians, forming a bond of mutual understanding and respect, always trying to learn, practice and improve skills and knowledge.

Project Categories

I’ve worked composing original soundtracks for theatrical projects, commercials, indie video games, short films and others since 2010.

Bring your audience to tears with emotive, dramatic, deep-digging music!

Enhance your visual project with astonishing, exciting, shocking sound effects!

Another way to hear the world

The way a pianist musician sees the world is different from most people. He is attuned to the nuances of sound, rhythm, harmony and melody. He can appreciate the beauty and complexity of music in any genre, style or language. He can express emotions and thoughts through the keys of a piano, creating a unique and personal musical language.

The piano can encompass the tonal range of every other instrument. This means that the piano can produce the lowest notes of the contrabassoon and the tuba, as well as the highest notes of the piccolo and the violin. The piano can also imitate the timbre and dynamics of other instruments by using different techniques, such as pedaling, touch, and articulation. It is truly a versatile and expressive instrument that can create a rich and varied musical palette.

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